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When A Minor Fall Becomes A Serious Injury

Sometimes even the simplest accident — falling on a slippery floor, for instance — can become a serious and long-lasting medical problem. No matter how young or old you are, a fall at the wrong angle can result in back, neck and joint injuries that require a lengthy healing process, the risk of concussion, surgery and long-term care. Through no fault of our own, any one of us might find ourselves suddenly facing the consequences of a serious injury.

Just as importantly, the full extent of your injury may not be immediately apparent. Back, neck and joint pain can take weeks or even months to fully manifest. That's why it's so important to review your accident with an experienced personal injury attorney. At Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP, we can help you obtain financial compensation that can be used to mitigate the expense of medical bills and lost income after an injury.


Slip-And-Fall Accidents Can Have A Lasting Impact

Slip-and-fall accidents, also known as trip and fall, can happen when a person falls or trips on poorly maintained sidewalks, liquid spills on the wet floor of a store or any other hazard that is irresponsibly left in place. The owners of a property, whether a public place or a private one, is responsible for keeping their property free of reasonable hazards that can injure others. If their negligence causes an injury, they can be held liable in a California court.


Proven Results

Covered Hole - $475K: Reached a $475,000 settlement in a case against a repair crew that covered a hole in a floor with a loose board, resulting in another person stepping on the covered hole before tripping and falling into the hole and sustaining back injuries.

Brain Injury — $2.4M: $2.4M settlement for a brain injury patient who fell out of a wheelchair and sustained additional damage.


Contact An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

There is no reason to let an unexpected accident derail your health or your life. At Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP, we can help you get compensation and get back to your regular routine.

Contact Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP online or call 916-442-2777 for a free initial consultation.

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