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Defective Road Design and Product - $18.7M - Trial

This case involved a vehicle driven by a 17-year-old girl who was rendered a quadriplegic in a motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff was injured when a large rock beside the road posed a danger to vehicles that had lost control in the "recovery zone," causing a car to go airborne and land upside-down on its roof.



Gas Explosion - $13.5M

Settled a propane leak case that caused an explosion in a restaurant that severely injured a six-year-old girl for $13.5 million.


Prescription Drugs - $1.4M

A case against a physician for over-prescribing painkillers to a patient resulted in a $1.4 million judgment in favor of the patient's widow and children.


Covered Hole - $475K

Reached a $475,000 settlement in a case against a repair crew that covered a hole in a floor with a loose board, resulting in another person stepping on the covered hole before tripping and falling into the hole and sustaining back injuries.


Vehicle Rollover - $15M - Trial

Obtained a judgment in favor of the client for $15 million, including more than $11 million in punitive damages, against an automaker for injuries sustained to the client in a rollover accident.


Brain Injury - $4.75M

Settled a malpractice action against a hospital for negligently failing to discover or treat a newborn infant's infectious disease for $4.75 million during the trial.


Wrongful Death - $3M

In a wrongful death action against a physician over the negligent removal of a pacemaker. Obtained a $3 million verdict against the hospital. It was the largest medical malpractice verdict ever in that county.


Nursing Home Negligence & Elder Abuse - $300K

Settled a case against a nursing home for failure to supervise a 91-year-old woman who died from strangulation.


Double Amputee - $9M

This case involved a vehicle driven by a 17-year-old girl that collided with a previously damaged guardrail on I-10 in Los Angeles County. The guardrail speared the vehicle by penetrating the driver-side door, resulting in the amputation of both of the driver's lower legs. Obtained a $9 million settlement against the California Department of Transportation.


Paraplegic - $13.2M

This case against a national park involved a bicycling woman who lost braking power and went off a pathway and struck a tree, causing her to become a paraplegic. The case resulted in a $13.2 million jury verdict.


Brain Injury — $2.4M

$2.4M settlement for a brain injury patient who fell out of a wheelchair and sustained additional damage.


Farm Worker Class Action - $6M – Federal Court Trial

This case involved wage and hour pay violations of agricultural workers processing grapes in the Central Valley.


Qui Tam - $9.5M


Police Wrongful Death - $3.15M


Failure to Diagnose Pre-eclampsia - $2.45M


Product Liability, Auto Manufacturing – $18.85M - Trial

*Prior results do not guarantee future outcome.

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