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Protect Yourself Or Loved Ones From Elder Abuse

The older we get, the more divergent our individual needs become. Some seniors have the good fortune to remain independent for their entire lives; many more, however, come to depend on friends, neighbors, family members and professional assistants to meet certain basic needs.


While we know our loved ones are safe with us as they grow old, we are often forced to turn to places like nursing homes and their staff for help. Unfortunately, abuses are frequently reported in many of these facilities.


If you bear some of the responsibility for a senior's well-being, it is important to take steps to prevent them from being victimized by the assistants and medical practitioners in whom they've put their trust.

Not all elder abuse relates to "seniors." Individuals who are incapacitated, or so ill or injured as to be extremely vulnerable, can become abuse victims as well.

At Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP, our lawyers can help you identify potential instances of abuse and take steps to hold the responsible parties accountable, as well as prevent similar abuse in the future.


Prevent Or Respond To Elder Abuse In Northern California

The types of abuse vary. They include:

  • Physical abuse. Keep an eye out for unexplained bruising or other injuries.

  • Emotional abuse. Neglect and poor emotional treatment can lead seniors and impaired persons to act depressed and withdrawn.

  • Financial abuse. Because seniors and impaired persons are often unable to maintain their finances any longer, some people target them and take advantage of their innocence to enrich themselves by draining your loved one's bank account.


People who abuse the elderly, the vulnerable and the incapacitated must be held accountable for their despicable behavior, as should their employers. The experienced attorneys at Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP, have sued such facilities and obtained compensation for the families of abused seniors.


Proven Results

Bed Sores - $300K: Settled a case against a nursing home for failure to supervise a 91-year-old woman who died from strangulation.


Get Legal Support For The Senior Citizen In Your Life

A lawsuit won't undo what happened, but it might make the facility change its policies and prevent it from happening again.


Contact Wilcoxen Callaham, LLP, online or call 916-442-2777 for a free consultation.

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