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Check out the Beautiful Mural at the Wilcoxen Callaham Office

Sacramento is famous for our Mid-Town murals and Wilcoxen Callaham is proud to support this expression of creativity and community representation. The mural on the side of our building at 2114 K Street, which depicts the “Blind Lady Justice” and the city of Sacramento, has been on our building for eight years and was recently rehabbed by local artists. 

The “Blind Lady Justice” is a symbolic representation of the concept of justice, often depicted as a woman wearing a blindfold, holding scales in one hand and a sword in the other. The blindfold symbolizes impartiality, indicating that justice should be meted out objectively, without bias or prejudice. The scales represent the weighing of evidence and arguments in legal proceedings, signifying fairness and balance. The sword represents the authority and power of justice to enforce the law.

The mural also features a Latin legal phrase, "Actori incumbit onus probandi"  which translates to "the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff." This principle is a fundamental aspect of many legal systems, including American civil and common law. The plaintiff carrying the burden of proof emphasizes that the party making a claim or seeking relief from the court has the responsibility to present evidence to support their assertions. If the plaintiff fails to meet this burden, their case may be dismissed, or the court may rule in favor of the defendant. 

Overall, the principle of "actori incumbit onus probandi" ensures fairness and integrity in legal proceedings by allocating the responsibility for proving the merits of a case to the party seeking relief or redress from the court. Wilcoxen Callaham is proud to be plaintiffs’ attorneys, providing fair and compassionate representation to injured parties seeking justice.

If you want to see our mural for yourself, as well as many others, there are walking tours offered that you can find by searching “Sacramento mural tours” on Google or your favorite search engine. We hope you take advantage of walking around our beautiful city and have the chance to appreciate the artist expression of our local culture.


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